Company Profile 

Superb company is a company specializing in importing, marketing and distribution of external car accessories for all vehicles sons 4×4 off-road vehicles. 

Company founders have extensive experience of 25 years in the vehicle. The company itself was founded 5 years ago. 

Sofrb name means is beyond supreme. 

We have a range of products for all types of vehicles as an example: Wind Shields, Shields mud, awnings, hammocks, side sidewalks, decorative strips, Sfweilrim, Shields mosquitoes, wheel covers, Reverse sensors, protective front and back, arc reversal, bath, hand covers chrome armrests, etc..

The products are imported from Europe and some others from the Far East when the East are trying to find the appropriate manufacturer best level would be the highest quality. 

Among our customers are professionals from the vehicle – car agencies, shops, installation, repair shops and customers. 

Quality service for us are the most important elements to our success that each of our clients personal attention and assistance closely tailored to its needs. 

Price level is reasonable depending on the product quality.